Sunday, November 28, 2010

hmmm false eyelashes, or not?

Ugh, I need to figure out how I'm going to do my makeup for my grad photos. What I wonder is if I need to put on false eyelashes or not.

Here's my eyes with just mascara.

Here's with false eyelashes.
Without ..............................................................With

I didn't bother putting in circle lens for these photos... I'm thinking I should just not put on false eyelashes. Just stick with being naturalish.

Perhaps I should post up this look as a tutorial when I have time :P

ps. omg, it snowed on friday :( I gotta get some more winter gear!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time passes by so fast

It's about time for me to submit university applications, and i'm scared. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to be. I may want to be a dentist(I wanted to be a dr, but threw that idea out the window)...or an accountant(it's only a last resort), or real estate...other than that, I'm still not sure. I still can't see myself doing any of these things. All of the courses I took were math and science. I can't do anything with that! No business, no com sci, etc etc....
:'( I'm planning to apply to waterloo and u of t, but I want to get add more choices. Sigh, life if so hard.

Also, Grad photos are coming up, and the realization of me growing up hit me. It's been four years since i've entered this school. Four years I've learned, chilled, ate lunch with these people. Some, I don't like, some I'll miss, some I won't. What I'm scared of, is not keeping in touch with good friends. I have a tendency where I get tired of people. Like, I usually don't like to go out too much, and if we don't go to the same school, I don't put in the same effort. I'm just scared tha ti'll drift away from good friends because of my nature.
Anyways, I'm still not sure how photos are gonna be taken!! :\\ It says on the pamphlet to take changes of clothes, accessories, and we can take group shots too.

ON to good news, I'm going to order from gmarket again...ahahah yes again ^^;;;
: P money is currently being transferred~~ Can't wait for items!