Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been MIA haven't I? Well, even if I haven't it feels like it to me :\
Right now, my laptop is busted. It works, but the charger part doesn't work. I bought a new charger, and pooie, still no. So, I think it's the area in the laptop that may be disconnected. This means I have to open up my baby. I really don't want to, but if it revives my baby, then it's worth it. I don't know why, but I really don't want a new laptop. However, I may just have to get a new one. Which ones are good? I'm thinking another Hp, but I don't know. I kind of want to get a sony Vaios...but my friend has one and yeah...not that great for the price. Also, the new sony ones are kind of...ugly. I want a nice pretty one that will last me. sigh...

anyways, enough of that, I recently went to a uni fair, and's so hard to decide. I'm still thinking of waterloo, mcgill and UofT...
I heard I would 'get assraped' if I go to UofT for science, and I love waterloo's math programs, and their science programs are also good. The only thing is, it's far and I'm kind of scared. Also, I want to be able to go out and have fun too. although, I do live in the suburbs. It was a fun time to go downtown, I just wished i could have chilled there longer.

Also, stress from school is catching up to me, and I'm not sure what to do anymore...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holt COW! black out!

Just yesterday, my house had a black out. Now, it's all fine and dandy, but it was in the middle of the night. Around 7pm when this occurred, and I fell asleep(around 11 pm) so I'm not sure when the power came back. The strange thing is, it was only my street without power. I look at my backyard neighbours, and they have power. When I look at the end of my street, there's power. When I look at my street, no power at all. My siblings and I huddled together sitting around a candle(let my tell you, my brother is very scared of flames - -).

A funny thing happened, I was out on the balcony with my siblings staring at the stars. We even had a blanket out. Then, a car rolled up from the neighbours house. My siblings hid...we were laying on the ground trying to hid ourselves. I don't understand why I did that, but we were waiting for them to go in, but they just sat there...
So, we crawled in vai ninja rolls.
Over all, and fun and eventful night. OH, the weird thing is, I still had internet connection. So, theoretically, I could have had fun on my laptop. However, I didn't.

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