Sunday, August 28, 2011

The countdown begins!

It will be a week before I have to move!!! I'm starting to get nervous, while at the same time, I feel...the same. However, I feel like my summer has been cut short. A few of my friends have already started to move in, and I haven't hung out with them during the summer!
In one week, I will be one of them who will be moving on, and living on my own. I've started to collect supplies, but I still feel like I'm missing so many!
I haven't bought books yet, but people recommend that I wait because I might not need it.
I knew school was expensive, but I never really..I don't know, believe it? It just become more real when it happens.

I'm mostly worried about social life though. I' should I say, and introvert? I may appear as an extrovert, but it's hard for me to make friends. However, I've become to be able to talk much easier. However, I've got to learn how to be more safe. = =
아이씨, 바보.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

New phone, new life~

University is going to start very very very soon! Less than two weeks!
I'm very excited, but I'm starting to become more scared. I don't know what to expect. However, I'm glad to be experiencing something new.
I only have a few things ready though. For example, I still need to buy a calculator, a printer, and various other things. The printer and calculator is more important.
I also have to go to the bank to get my banking information to pick up osap.
There's so much to do, and there's so little time. I even started to pack my clothes. My small suitecase and my tna bag doesn't hold all of my clothes! It's so sad!

I also got a new phone since where I am going is considered long distance. That is correct, the next city is considered long distance = = stupid.
But, I got a blackberry...without data plan. To have data, my plan would have been 5 dollars more, an the blackberry would be free. However, the cost will most likely change since it said valid for a year/12 months.
However, I don't know if I'm happy with my blackberry. My previous phone was the LG ice cream, which I loved. It could display GIF files, it was very cute and asian and pink!
However, now I feel like every other american girl with a blackberry and TNA sweater...
haha. Hopefully I remain the same person I am.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gmarket-Gift Certificates

This will be a post about cashing in your gift certificates. You may receive a gift certificate as a gift from a friend, or from gmarket via their promotions or being a monthly blogger.
So, the following will be pictures detailing on how you will cash in your gift certificate.

So, you will go to "my Gmarket" which will p0resent to you your gmarket account. From there you will see....:

You will see this. This show you how many gift certificates you have. I currently have 0, because I already cashed them in.

So, you will most likely see this page. on this page, you will want to click "check content" so it will reveal whats behind it. As you may notice, the stuff you want to get to is hazy.

Now click on "cash balance" NOT gift. If you do, you are gifting your gift certificate to someone else.

So here, it will list you all of your gift certificates. I blurred out the information since I didn't want personal information revealed (even if it doesn't reveal anything)

Now you press deposit to cash in the certificate, then press ok to confirm it. And then, you will have the gift certificate in your cash balance to be used. Happy shopping!
Now you can repeat this until all your certificates have been deposited. Now you can enjoy shopping!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey, so...I've entered some giveaways...again.

This is Forest-doll's first giveaway! It is so nice, and tasty. Did I say tasty? I'm referring to the happy teatime...although...not edible...unfortunately...There are a lot of cute stuff, that you'll actually use!
Click here to enter her giveaway. A deadline has yet to be determined.

This is Hello, Emy's giveaway. She's giving away lovelyyyy japanese items that I'm drooling for. I'm mostly lusting over the eyelashes, who doesn't love that adorable dollywink packaging. The bag will also come in handy!
Click here to enter her giveaway. The deadline has yet to be determined.

So, enter soon before a deadline is announced.