Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some giveaways I've entered

^^ so i just found a few giveaways I've entered, and decided to share with you!! :)
Now, i doubt I'll win it... :( but ^^ why not try(lol I bet my smilie faces are annoying you right now : P )

so, first up is THISWASFOREVER's give away. What she has available is the super cute dolly wink stuff!! I've been wanting Dolly wink lashes for so long. I've heard so many good reviews on them, but I don't feel like shelling out the money. It's about ~12.60 CAD for the set! $6 for each lash(and that doesn't include sihpping! D : ) that I think about it, Ardell lashes cost pretty close to that(well, about 4.99[well say 5] + 13% tax)...well, bottom line is, I don't wanna pay. lol

LOOK AT THAT!! and it's the exact pair i've wanted for so long.

The next giveaway I entered is bang bang she shoot's blog giveaway.
She's giving away japanese make up, but hold up, not one winner, but 6!!!
That's right, you have a higher chance of winning : P yay! Here's a picture for you guys to drool over....mmmmm cosmetics~~~

I heart japanese makeup! The quality is so good, and price is reasonable(well...if you get it at retail price)...the only drawback is, it's not available outside japan! and if it is,'s not cheap...

^^ so don't miss out on entering those giveaways, who might just win. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Purederm Facemask review

I bought this face mask on the whim because I just wanted to pamper myself. It can be bought at walmart, but for such an expensive price. In addition to the fact that I bought 30 sheet mask from gmarket. This one is the cucumber essence mask, which states that it will whiten skin(what I want! hopefully it works), sooth, and moisturize.
The actual sheets are lovely, quite thick and filled with serum. There were a lot of slits in it, and it didn't help position the mask, especially at my chin. There is a flap for the eyehole, which some masks lack, so I'm glad this one did... As for the serum itself, it feels somewhat sticky, but goes away after a while. This mask is filled with 23ml and there was excess left in the bag.
Now, my skin is more on the dry/normal side rather than the oily side. If you notice in my pictures, I put it over my eyes. Apparently, it's not supposed to go into my eyes. Well, after I let it soak into my eyes, it turned my right eye into a monolid. Now, my right eye is notorious for changing into double and mono at any given time. Usually, it's double, but it changes into mono on occasion, especially if I either cried, or has extreme moisture to that area. So, after i used this mask, it popped into a mono, however, I just swiped my lid, and it went back.
What I like to do, is pop the mask into the fridge for a nice cooling mask. Also, it should be placed on a nicely cleansed face.

Cost: $1.88(+13% tax)
Moisturizing: 3.5/5
It could have done more, but my face mostly feels stick after I took it off, only after a few min did it sink in.
Whitening: 2/5
I barely saw any whitening...maybe a bit, but not enough
Soothing: 3/5
As you can see, I have a few pimples, and they are less red(but then again, maybe it's because I didn't touch them...)

Overall: 3/5
Perhaps I was expecting a lot, but it didn't do much. This is, of course a sheet mask, and sheet mask are much more gentle(and good for everyday) than wash off masks. Pure cucumbers did much better than this, so instead of using 1.88 on one mask, get a cucumber. :|

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy day at the mall...

-Edit- So...I saved this as a draft cuse...I hadn't finished typing this(I forgot why...:\) and...I've completely forgot about it...LOL so yeah, this was the day of mother's day(or was it before?)

So on saturday I went shopping for a mother's day gift. I'm apparently very picky about getting a gift for my mother. Everything I see, I don't think is fit for her. :\ In the end, i got her candles...LOL I got her a citrus(smells like peach to me thought) smelling one, and apricot tea. I was going to get Frosted cupcake, which is a very lovely sweet scent, but I dropped it. It was only dented at the bottom, but I didn't want it if it was broken...perhaps I could have gotten a discount?

Anyway, on to the mall. I usually try to bus to the mall instead of relying on my parents. So, I was supposed to meet up with a friend at the bus stop. However, she is the type to laze around, and become late. Yes, that's right, we missed the bus, right when she arrived. She had her father drive her to the bus stop, so he said "QUICK GET IN!! I"LL CATCH THE BUS!". Did we catch the bus? Yes we did, was very hectic. My friend, apparently dropped her 20 when she rushed out of the car. So, when I got on the bus and inserted my ticket, I realized my friend wasn't behind me. Where was she? Rushing in front of cars, risking her life, for a 20...
When I saw her run across the windshield, all I could say to the bus driver is "...can you wait for her...?"
Indeed he did, but not without a lecture. To all the passengers on the bus, we must have looked crazy. ^^;; But, we are not, or at least...not normally...
haha then, soon a group on korean guys got on...and they were so friggin loud! >:\ I really wanted to turn around and be like "yo wtf are you doing that's so interesting?!"

Through out the whole day, she was acting...crazy. When I mean crazy, I mean annoying. LOL She kept talking in japanese and korean, with which I just respond with stupid =o=
I think it's the fact that she nearly lost her life, and her life force have not returned to her

ALGEBRA!! the was near the busstop! <3

When I saw this...I couldn't help but giggle >w<;;;

Look! we drew Arthur and DW!! :3 childish...but...we were bored and we were crazy~~ It was on the bus btw.
sorry, not pictures of myself, as it was a day dedicated to getting something for my mother(despite spending more on myself...>>;;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gmarket Order! (editx4 may 26, 2010)

: DDD I recently made a order on gmarket on wed(April 28th) and it was shipped to Canada TODAY! at 6 something am~~ : D YEYEYEYE
so, based on my calculations it may arrive either tomorrow(doubt it) or wed. Latest, will hopefully be friday. I do hope my calculations are correct, so I get it on wed. :)

And what is my total...? well....
it WAS 271,000 won, but I got 66,000 won back ; DDD
score!(kind of...?)
Anyways, what did I buy? hahaha best question. I ordered some stuff for a friend, so yeahh...
If I hadn't, my total would have been ~150,000 won

So, on to what I got:
From etude house:

this one came with a brush, which is the reason why I got it(lol...I heard it was good..?)

In #2, which is in a pink container instead of white(although, white is appealing too, I like pink better ^^ )

In #2 mini pink, which is a matter pink compared to #1 mini rose.

In #2(whoa, I like #2 don't I?! O-o;) which is an orange colour, was gonna get #1, but I'm already getting a light pink blush, so I held off on it. However, I am tempted to but all the colours. ;) however, 14,000 won is quite expensive. :(

in PK003 and bl501

Heard amazing reviews on this, comparable to Mac, but of course I never tried the mac one. :(

In #1, hoping it isn't too shimmery, but I don't have any blush so meh.

In #12, which I think is peach milk.


Mix style head phones. these are mostly for looks, these cost about $7 USD, so I'm sure they aren't real.

This amazing pen can write on glass, cellphones, spoons, dolls, AND BE WIPED OFF. oh, and paper too. xDD plus, I love coloured pens, my notes are all in colour :)

+ some face mask, about $6 for 30!!!! great deal, hope its good for my skin :s

So that's my order only.
My friend ordered, 8 rings(would have been 9 or 10, but 1) one of her items were out of stock and 2) they limited her to 8 items TT-TT.
7 earrings. 4 of them are chain ones, and 3 are the ones that were rings.
So, those sellers also allow you to pick another item for FREE. So you can choose stuff like plastic ring, clips, bra strap(lol wtf), head bands etc. jsut cheap random stuff. We bought from 2 sellers, and one of them allowed us to pick earrings....o-o; I hope they are good!
she also bought eyeliner, nailpolish and brush.

can't wait for this order!:)

Edit 1:(May 16, 2010) it hasn't come yet....Still in customs since May 4th....:\
I contacted Canadapost, and basically told me I can't do shit becuase I'm not the sender, and customs doesn't have a tracking system(wtf man, I paid EMS to be able to track my order!). So, I contacted Gmarket, and they reassured me that it may take 2 weeks-30 days and others have been experiencing the same problem. This set me at ease, so I'm gonna see if it comes by this week...sigh I want my makeup. :(
I also want to buy more stuff, whaa~` someone stop me!

Edit 2: (May 23, 2010)
FML!Apparently, on May 21st, it was sent back! FMLFMLFMLFML WTH DO I DO?!?!?!?!
i sent an inquiry to gmarket and canadapost, so hopefully someone can help me! i don't want to repay shipping!! >(

Edit 3: (May 24, 2010)
International shipment has arrived in the destination country
.....I'm hoping that means its still in canada....that the "destination country" is canada...

Edit 4: (May 26, 2010) (27 days since I ordered)(21 days since stuck in customs)
Okay, so Canadapost answered my e-mail. Reasonable time, since they don't work weekends and holidays(yesterday was victoria day, and most people don't work). Basically, they told me that they can't do anything(which I know) and that the package will say why it was returned. Great golly gee, I never knew that!(in case you didn't know, I'm being sarcastic) Of course I know you can't stop the package, but some reason why it was sent back would help!! Was it the fault of gmarket(as in the customs form was filled in wrong), Canada post fault(I did write dr instead of Drive, but, I thought they would understand that. Also, I write my address with dr all the time, and my packages arrive okay) or is it my fault?! Did I order anything bad?! >: ( I mean, look at the above! Most people bought similar stuff(and those stuff are also sold here) and pass through safely. Maybe it's cuse I complained to them about the long customs time, and now it's revenge? TT_TT anyways, now I'm a sitting duck, just waiting...
OH and gmarket never replied to my email. :\ been 2 days since I mailed them, so that's enough time. Especially since Canadapost was able to reply to me while Gmarket didn't (and we had victora weekend! GASP). i'm not very pleased at all....
But I'm still gonna order from them. LOL sad life...

OH and it's in korea...not in Canada, so it's in Gmarket's hands now...Sigh...
I just need to call them now :(

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Etude house Peach water gloss review

:) I made this purchase a long time ago from skinfood2you on ebay, but never had time to review it.
It's a lovely lip gloss from etude houses' peach line(which I heard was being discontinued :( ).
It has the best scent ever, peach. This scent is not over powering, you most likely will not smell it on your lips, but just sniffing it, it smells like awesome. What does it smell like? well...if you've ever eaten fuzzy peaches, I think that's the scent. Just a lovely sweet peach scent.
This does give a tingling feeling on the lips that feels very cool, not a burning sensation like lip venom(this thing kills, I tried it at sephora, and a few min later, all I could say was "OMG IT BURNS").

Description on box:
Peach water gloss coats your lips for a light, moist and smooth sensation.
[NET WT. 0.34 fl. oz.]
[directions] Use heart shaped applicator to even distribute makeup to lips.
[Caution]1. use only as directed. 2. Avoid temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. 3. Cease use if problem arise.


-Lovely scent
-Great colour pigment, especially since it's gloss
-cutest packaging ever
-free samples depending on where you bought it

-Does not stay on long(it is gloss, so it is reasonable that it isn't long lasting)
-#2 strawberry milk settles into fine lines
-slight silicone taste if consumed, taste nothing like the peach it smells like :(

So, this contains a doe foot applicator, which for some people undesirable. To me, it doesn't matter, but it does pick up lipstick pigment on your lips if you have any. so, if you were to put on a beige lipstick, it will pick up that colour and the applicator will be beige D :.

Bare lips:

#2 Strawberry milk:
It's more of a cool colour, and contains lots of sparkle. There's flecks of gold glitter(very fine, so it doesn't feel gritty) which become invisible once applied. this does settle into fine lines, so be warned.

2 Coats

After a few min

#5 Peach milk:
it's a warmer colour compared to #2 strawberry milk. This contains no shimmer what so ever. It's a lovely pink colour. this also settles into fine lines, but less noticeable than #2.

2 Coats

after a few min

Swatches on hand:

Natural light(Left is #5, right is #2)


I love this. I've seen swatches of the other colours, and they aren't as pleasant, or noticeable as these 2. They go great alone, or on top of a lipstick to give you that light pinky lips.(i've tried it over Maybelline's Pink please from their colour sensational line and it looks SO GORGEOUS!)