Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is my Outfit Of The Day.
It's winter break right now, and I don't go out much. So for me to even put this much effort into wearing clothing that is bearable to see is a lot.

What I wore:
Black tights from Gmarket
American Eagle Shorts
H&M T-shirt
Ardene suspenders

ps. My face looks so...sickly white. It's the bb cream. darn you spf(although, I do like looking like this...kind of...)

A shot with the mirror. I thought it came out nice :D
My face looks like a normal shade of human. :3

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simple festive nails

These are really simple nails I did. It's just alternating green/red nail polish. Nothing extravagant, but I hope it gives off a slight Christmas feel?
Don't mind the uh....'special' way I photographed the picture ^^;; it was so hard to show what my nails looked like.

I also bought some heels for semi-formal. I thought they were nice, but my mom didn't like the red colour. :(
However, it's very comfortable! : D YAY! I just wish I could find more places to wear these too. I look too much like a child to wear these.

I hope everyone is having a great winter break ^^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Etude house Dear darling Ultra shine lips in Peach milk

Review: Etude house Dear darling Ultra shine lips in Peach milk


Cost: ~8-9 I bought this on Gmarket, so I'm not sure about the price.

Colour: Very nice. It's close to my lips colour in photos, but it's actually a nice pink. It does contain shimmer, so approach with caution.

Packaging: I love stuff that comes in boxes 8) I always keep my etude house in it's original box. The stuff itself, very nice too. Plastic, somewhat cheap feeling, but this is equivalent to drugstore products. I like the baby pink packaging and the nice pink ring

Product: Very smooth. The first time I used it, I think it almost melted. XD I got it in the summer, and yeah....When I use it now, it's much firmer, but still very nice.

It also has a nice peach smell.


ps. sorry for the massive watermark, I'm still unsure of placement ^^;




- Cute

- Smooth

- Pleasant scent

- Nice colour

- Price is fair

- Matches asian skintones well


- Only available in asia(or korea for the best price)

- Longevity

- cheapish packaging

- Travels down slightly

Overall: 3.5/5

I think this lipstick, it's very nice. However, I personally don't think the colour matches me very well. I don't regret this purchase though. The actual line of the lipstick is really good.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giveaways to enter

It's that time of the year again, the holidays. When it's the holidays, it's gift giving season. I've found some wonderful giveaways that I think would be great to enter.

This is all the items that she is giving away! So generous of her.
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She is giving away a choice of a Mac lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. So many choices...hmm
Click here to enter

some awesome prizes!! It'll fulfill any girl's desires.
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So much NYX! Sadly it's hard to get nyx here in Canada.
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Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

I bought these lipglosses the day I saw them at shoppers. I didn't care about the price and just picked them up. I kind of wish that I waited for walmart to carry them. :\
The packaging is very nice for a drugstore product, but I feel a brush applicator is more appropriate than the doe foot. It is very opaque so be careful when applying so you do not apply too much. This doesn't come with ingredient list or anything, it comes as is.

General Review:

- Good coverage
- Nice colours(if it flatters your skin tone)
- Nice packaging
- Not super sticky

- Settles into fine lines
- Cannot match with warm tones(unless you like looking dead)
- I think it would be better with a brush applicator
- Expensive (currently can only be bought at shoppers for $9CAD)

This gloss is pretty good, glides easily. However, since it's a creme colour, it's hard to distribute colour evenly. I selected bad shades that doesn't match me. It's a disappointment, but I can deal with it.

Peach Petal:

Colour: 2/5
Despite having "peach" in the name, it is nowhere near as warm toned. This is also very cool and much much harder to pull off versus the Lilac Pastelle. It is very nice in itself, however it just doesn't match me. Warning to all of you ladies out there with warm skin tones. :(

Longevity: TBD
I just haven't been able to wear it long enough because it's so hard for me to pull off. I'm assuming it can last for a while granted that you don't eat/drink.

Cost: ~$9.00 CAD
I bought it at shoppers because it's the only place which has this. If and when Walmart has this, it will most likely be approximately 6.00

General: 2/5
Ugg, this gloss is so hard to use. I'm so dissapointed.

Lilac Pastelle:
Colour: 3.5/5
It's a very nice colour and very unique. The only problem is, I have a warm toned skin and I look like I died. :\ However, it very very small amounts, it does look pretty and workable. It just isn't for me.

Longevity: TBD
Why? Well, considering the fact that it makes me look like a zombie, I haven't worn it long enough. It is, however not as sticky as lancome's juicy tubes.

Cost: ~$9.00 CAD
It cost more than usual because I bought it at shoppers, which got it before walmart. :( so I paid premium prices because I couldn't wait. I regret that. WHY WHY WHY! I was suckered into the fact that it was Limited Edition, and everyone was raving about it.


If you have a warm skin tone like me, using these alone SUCKS. I look like I just died. What I suggest is using a very warm/red toned lipstick/stain under it. It'll tone down the cool tones in the lipgloss.

See? so much better. Sadly, a pet peeve of mines is when the doe foot applicator picks up the colour of the lipstick. I hate it, so I'm waiting for my lipstains to come in before I really wear these out.
Also, the glosses may appear to look okay in photos, but:
1) they are close ups, so you don't see how horrible it really is
2) camera makes it look nice on my lips
3) I appeared more washed out because I was in front of a window
But, comparing the regular swatches versus the one over the lipstick, I think the lipstick one wins.

Ps. I feel my watermarks are sorry if it bothers you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Favourite Perfume

My favourite perfume ever is Vera Wang princess. I love love love this scent!!!
It's like a mixture of Vanilla, floral, musky warm scent. I love it. It's not too strong a fruity, but very sweet and feminine. Plus, the bottle is adorable.
The price not so much :( This retailed for $75 at shoppers drug mart. I'm so glad I didn't pay retail for it xD.

Look how cute they are!! You can wear the cap thingy as a ring xD
PS. Excuse the worry excuse of a watermark. I currently don't have photoshop(sadly) and I don't have time to make an actual watermark just yet. I really wanted to get back to blogging, so yeahh.

This is how much I have now. Until October, I've only used up till the dip in the heart, but I've used it excessively till now(one month) so, yeah. It looks like I didn't use a lot in general. However, that amount in one month? I'm crazy. :S

On a side note, look what happened to my lipgloss!! :( so sad!! I need to get a new one. Warning for all you people, don't close things too tightly!!

That is all for now. Oh, an update on my graduation photos. They were horrible. End of story. Basically, I think I look so bad and fat. They gave me a gown that looks like I've been eaten. Horrible. :( I also didn't get much sleep lately, so I look really tired. If I have many horrible mistakes, that may be why. My lack of sleep.
So, time to head off to sleep~~ good night.

ps. How come, when I start blogging, and typing, I just can't get off?! seriously! I gotta kick myself off :( I dun wanna leave~~ I wanna keep typing. xD good night for real this time.