Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gmarket (mini) haul #2

I ordered from gmarket for the second time, and it went smoothly.
It took longer than it usually would because it was chuseok. That aside, it might have taken over a week, to two weeks to arrive to me. This isn't too bad considering it took a week for my items to ship within korea.
The total was a whopping $70...
The blue bag retails for 14, and the beige one for 30. so, the items cost 44, but shipping was 26. I advise you guys to get a big haul.

Anyways, enough words, let's get to the pictures.

The blue bag was smaller than I expected, but could fit quite a bit. The beige bag was huge, and bigger than I expected. My only complaint about the beige bag is that it's heavy. It fits so many things, but the bag itself feels so heavy. However, the blue one is very light, and similar to the jansport ones.

The blue one has a small pocket on the inside to store smaller items. It also has a pocket up front, and there are two zippers for closure in the main compartment.

For the beige one, there is also a small compartment on the inside. There are 3 small pockets on the outside. The front pocket closes via zipper, while the two small ones in the side close with a magnet. The main component is closed by just a drawstring, and easy to open. However, there is a flap over the opening that can be closed with magnets.

Overall, the bags are pretty good. The only draw back was, I was impatient and therefore, paid for the excessive shipping. :( however, I love this bag, so it's all worth it. Oh, the white one(supposed to be beige) is mine ^^. The blue is for my sister. She was the one modeling so let's all applaud her.

Thank you for reading, and I may have another gmarket haul too. sigh, I'm addicted to gmarket :(

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving day Shopping!! : D

Instead of spending time with family, I went shopping!! YAY! SALLES!!!!!!!
Anyways, my family rarely does anything for thanks giving, so meh, might as well spend it well.

First up is what I got in the mail.

Some john frieda hair samples. Excited to try!!! hopefully hair doesn't die ;)

some P&G samples.

The whole shebang.

Don't think I'll ever use it

Most likely will never use this(pantene is...bleh)

In cocoa butter kiss

Hawaiian aloha

Now on to the shopping!!! : DDDD

yup, that's all the bags I have.

Got it at winners. I LOVE this scent~~ so lovely. Must use up my first bottle now....> >;;;;

I also went to H&M

My best buy!! <3 it fits so nicely

It channels a faux necklace~~ so if i'm too lazy to wear one, I have a fake one

Some perfume bottles. so cute, I kind of wish it was a bottle of vera wang princess...xD

SHOES!! <3

Since i could use SPC at costa blanca, my friend and I split the bill.

This is what I bought.

the back of the shirt. A cute bow ^^

Some silly bands for my brother. I don't know why I bought it...I feel...rancid...

I went to ones, and bought this. a cellphone pouch, and some nail stickers~~ <3

That is all! enjoy....
I'll leave you off with a final picture.
I hope every one had a great thanks giving. Now, on to homework(that I had neglected to do...)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


ugh....I've just been so busy with school. I have like...a test nearly every 2 weeks. TT__TT it's so bad! I'm stressed!!(hopefully I lose weight?)

Anyways, I finally got my gmarket order. It's nothing much, but I'll try to get a post up when I can.
Other than that, nothing else. I'll also post up reviews of circle lenses if wanted.
I have tones, and my newest ones are EOS max pure brown and gray. I currently have black and brown ones not opened, and seeshell aquas not opened. Hopefully, you can look forward to a review!!