Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy cow! a Walmart haul!

I'm sorry, but there won't be any pictures in this post. :( My cam is out of batteries...and it needs to be recharged(don't know where the charger is though.....) ^^;;
Anyways, the reason for this expedition was school supplies(again......)

What did I get? well....I got 10 refill lined papers(200 sheets/pack)...FOR 25 cents! : DD SCORE!!
So....I basically.....have....2000 sheets of lined paper ^^; well...I'm very prepared.
plus, it only cost 2.50!(+ 13% tax...but that's besides the point)

I also found HARD CANDY at walmart!!!! : DDD I was so excited, i wasn't sure what to buy. I ended up getting the baked blush in living doll, and it's very pretty! Little to no shimmers(there's no sunlight out now, so I'm not sure on this), and a very nice pink flush to your skin. So pretty! Plus, it's 6.98! it's cheaper than the states, which is $7...HEHEHEHEH <3
Now that i've researched what to buy, i'm READY! MUAAHAHHAHAH

I also got a new calculator. I dropped my old one so many times, that it can't be reliable anymore. It works, but I think I'll use it as a backup.

On another note, all together on just school shopping, I probably spent $50(just school supplies mind you)...and i'm not done. I'm gonna buy a new bag from gmarket. >w<;;; too much? nawww.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More giveaways

These are the prizes, and you don't want to miss out!
If you've been wanting that MAC lipstick, well, here's your chance to get it.
I personally don't like the harajuku perfume, but I've only smelled the scratch and sniff...LOL
So, don't wait, enter now.

Click to enter

A giveaway

She is giving away a beauty package!
It has great items. I really want the eye sleeping mask thing! It looks adorable~~~
The great thing is, it's open internationally.
It's a good opportunity to try new things.
So, go on and enter :)

Click to enter

Monday, August 16, 2010

Review: Etude house BB Magic Balm

Here is a review of Etude house's BB magic balm. It is in a tub/balm format that some may not be used to. This comes with an excellent brush, which is another contributing factor
to buy this bb bam.

So, this is the box. A very beautiful metallic box that is really pretty.

The ingredients.

What you get inside.

Everything, and different angles of the brush. I love this brush.

This is about a month or so of usage(not everyday), and there is quite a lot.

Here's my before and after shots. I think there's great coverage, and I'm sorry if the photos are not the best.

So, I tested on my hand so it may be easier to see. It has great coverage and very buildable. The colour may be too light for some, but matches me well so far. It is however, a little dark for my hand.


Coverage: 8/10
Great coverage, but not extremely heavy coverage(and when I mean extremely heavy, I mean that you won't even see one little blemish). However, the most I put on is 2 layers since any more and it'll become too much.

Longevity: 7.5/10
I'm not to sure about this, since I don't notice it. However, I think this last quite a long time. I also put a finishing powder over this, so that may be a contributing factor.

Oil control:
I don't have very oily skin, and since I put a powder over it, I'm not too sure. However, it doesn't melt off my face.

Brush: 8.5/10
I really like this brush, but I don't have a lot of brushes to compare to. I've only every used the brush to put on this bb balm so yeahh...

Over all: 8/10
This would be an excellent purchase for someone who's looking for a bb cream to try. Or, even someone who whats to try different types of bb creams, and liquid bb isn't working for them. It also has a heavier coverage than the average bb cream, so if you want a bb cream with heavy coverage, then this may be for you. However, if you are not light skinned, this may not work for you.

Purchase again: Yes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trimmed my bangs!

I decided to trim my bangs because they were too thick, and have become too long!


This was probably a little bit over a week ago. so, it has grown longer than that.


So there they are!

Fixing them up

So that's my small post on my bangs~~

This week is going to be a busy week for me~~
I'm gonna go watch a movie, go to the library, go to walmart(for MORE school supplies), etcetcetc~~ yay!

Giveaway from This was Forever

Yup, it's another giveaway post.
This is for the brush guard, which seems very interesting.
Except, I don't have a lot of brushes.

That's what you get if you win.
It's really convenient if you have a lot of brushes. I personally would go out and buy this, except I don't have enough brushes for me to go out of my way to do this.
Anyways, it's an interesting product to try. OH, and this is the same product featured in Michelle Phan's video where she showed you how she washes her brushes.

:) Click to enter

Friday, August 6, 2010

My partial decoed phone

This is a very random blog post. I decided to just post this since it makes me happy~~
Plus, I should blog more often. Even if it's random...

JAJANG the back!!! My phone is so pretty!!

:( BLEH! the front is so plain, and the back is so pretty.

LOL posing with it, the from feels so empty. I don't have the jems to do the front just yet.

All of the charms on my phone right now. i love them all!

Look!! My poor bear's head is gonna fall off.

My makeupless face in my PJ's....Which is my gym uniform :'(
Blurred out the name of my school, can't have you guys stalking me ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So, the other day I went to pmall(Pacific mall) because I had a friend who never went before. We decided to show her what pmall's like, although she didn't think it was amazing. We went on tuesday, which also explains why it isn't as interesting. No cute guys go during weekdays :( ahaha
here's some pics that we took outside

Just sitting in the grass, with my haul next to me.

Just scratching my head~~

felt kind of awkward...

surprise shot

she took way too many pictures of me

So, here's my haul.

Stuff from ones, I need school supplies, so I decided to get expensive ones. xD

Doesn't it look like me? ;) I'm kidding! I think it's pretty, so I bought it.

Inside of the planner. I don't know if I should use this one, or the pink one

Inside the notebook. plain~~

Egg pancake things. My mom made me buy it for my brother

DBSK poster!! We're friendly with the shop owner, so I got it for $2! So hot, I only got it for jaejoong, who looks very hot!

Cellphone jems! I need to buy a case before I stick it on...:( I don't want any of it falling off!

That is all, I'll post up my shopping haul when I have time.It might also include my school supply shopping stuff too xD