Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gmarket haul #4

Hey guys! I know I haven't written on this blog for a really long time!
But, I have been busy, for real this time! I sometimes say I am too busy, but really, I'm just lazy. Haha.
However, I have entered university in the beginning of september, and have been kept busy since. I ofcourse, went out and had fun, but I also studied. One of my midterms is next week! On a saturday morning. I am not excited for it since it is physics. ohh pooie! :(

Anyways, this post is about my Gmarket haul a month ago...
It's mostly skin-care, and school supplies. Okay, only 1 thing is a school supply...and those were bags. BUT, these were necessities...

Look who it's from! JAY PARK ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Everything in the box! :D

Tears (or is it called Natural tears), by kwan sang woo!

Etude house haul!

This one actually leaked :(

FREEBIES minus the moistfull collagen. At first, I thought it was a lot. Then I realized how much I spent. Then I was disappointed. Haha

This is just ALL of my etude house stuff...luff luff luff!

My bags! I love them all! I especially love the one on the left! It's so cute, and cool!
So, that is my gmarket haul. Whew! I'm sorry is my pictures are..umm how should I say, not very nice. I was in a rush since I had to pack.

Thank you for reading :)