Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exams are almost over.

I've had 2 weeks of exams, and that means 2 weeks filled with cramming and studying.
I am done with this! Seriously, after the first week, I couldn't study. I couldn't even study for calc...and math is my favourite subject!

Well...enough about exams.
This means, winter break! YAY!
Shopping, snow, skating, relaxing. I love this!
And I actually relax, because I have no projects or anything to worry about for the next term. Yup, life is good!

I really want to relax, because uni really did stress me out. I tried to prepare before hand because well...I'm well aware of this, but it's just so hard.
Anyways, hopefully my next post will have substance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm been neglecting this blog...

I'm sorry blog, I really do love you. I haven't had any time to post on my blog because I seriously don't have time.
University has kept me busy. I mean, I can blog about what I did that day, but that would consist of my going to class, and that's it. Or illegal things...LOL I things...hahahaha
But, since I live on campus, I rarely go off campus, so I don't have much to post about. Especially since I don't go off campus, I don't have the opportunity to  pass by stores and just brows and buy new things.
However, despite that...I still seam to use my money..WTH.
LOL I spent so much on books, and it's a good investment, but a waste at the same time.
I bought all of my books new, but all of them contains online assignments for extra marks. Which, I think is worth it, since buying an access code cost about $50, and buying a used book can cost $50, and that already, would cost $100, so might as well buy a new one? And it'll contain the solution manual.

Well, a little bit about university life. I LOVE IT.
It really is the best experience so far. I've met so many new people, and I love my time here.
Don't be afraid to approach people, because everyone is willing to make friends, and they aren't willing to be your friend, there are a million other students on campus that will LOVE to get to know you.
I can into university just...nonchalant. I wasn't nervous at all, just excited.
The days/weeks before university, I couldn't wait to go, and escape from home, almost like running away from home. I felt trapped at home, and I just...I dunno...felt...happy?
I don't know how to explain it, but I love life here. I obviously miss my friends and family, but that doens't mean they'll never see me. Yes, I haven't gone home often, in fact, I've only gone home once since I came here. However, this is a growing experience, and that's what i'm here for. To learn and to grow.

However, there's a downfall. School itself. It is really tough, and you do have to keep to a schedule, and don't procrastinate! I MEAN IT! If you do, your marks will plummet. and I'm not even joking.

I know you won't listen, so this may all be a waste. It's also part of the experience right? Learning how you learn, and what you should do.
But, just remember this: "I only need to pass" and this phrase will get you through university. HAHA I'm serious. joke.

Anyways, living on res, and not being able to go to malls/stores often, I've become an online shopaholic. I'm pretty sure I have a package every other week, or at least one package within 2 weeks. HAHA so bad, but so addicting at the same time.

Leave you with a picture of ME! Taken just now. I'm very tired! :(

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gmarket Haul #5

So, Yes, I got addicted to gmarketing. :(
I bought more stuff from gmarket. However, it's clothing this time! :) I've been wearing them so often because I love it! It's so pretty! One surprising purchase was the lace dresses. I just bought them on the whim, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. You don't understand! It's soo pretty, and I was contemplating NOT getting them. I'm so glad I got them. :D

About $10? $15? WORTH IT! I was expecting bad shoes, but they are really nice!

Fake Uggs. Really nice quality, also cost about 10 or 15. They are also really warm. At least, for now since it's not winter yet. We'll see how long it'll last :)

I love the hooded poncho thingy. Infinity scarf ftw!

I love it to bits! It's SO PRETTY!

The massive amount of clothing I bought. Guilty-feeling-ensues

Love the back! Colour is kinda ugly though.

Love wearing it like this!

I'm in love with this one, but it got ruined in the wash. :( Super sad now.

but it was soo worth it!
The quality of some of the clothing weren't very good, but they were like $10..haha...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gmarket haul #4

Hey guys! I know I haven't written on this blog for a really long time!
But, I have been busy, for real this time! I sometimes say I am too busy, but really, I'm just lazy. Haha.
However, I have entered university in the beginning of september, and have been kept busy since. I ofcourse, went out and had fun, but I also studied. One of my midterms is next week! On a saturday morning. I am not excited for it since it is physics. ohh pooie! :(

Anyways, this post is about my Gmarket haul a month ago...
It's mostly skin-care, and school supplies. Okay, only 1 thing is a school supply...and those were bags. BUT, these were necessities...

Look who it's from! JAY PARK ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Everything in the box! :D

Tears (or is it called Natural tears), by kwan sang woo!

Etude house haul!

This one actually leaked :(

FREEBIES minus the moistfull collagen. At first, I thought it was a lot. Then I realized how much I spent. Then I was disappointed. Haha

This is just ALL of my etude house stuff...luff luff luff!

My bags! I love them all! I especially love the one on the left! It's so cute, and cool!
So, that is my gmarket haul. Whew! I'm sorry is my pictures are..umm how should I say, not very nice. I was in a rush since I had to pack.

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The countdown begins!

It will be a week before I have to move!!! I'm starting to get nervous, while at the same time, I feel...the same. However, I feel like my summer has been cut short. A few of my friends have already started to move in, and I haven't hung out with them during the summer!
In one week, I will be one of them who will be moving on, and living on my own. I've started to collect supplies, but I still feel like I'm missing so many!
I haven't bought books yet, but people recommend that I wait because I might not need it.
I knew school was expensive, but I never really..I don't know, believe it? It just become more real when it happens.

I'm mostly worried about social life though. I' should I say, and introvert? I may appear as an extrovert, but it's hard for me to make friends. However, I've become to be able to talk much easier. However, I've got to learn how to be more safe. = =
아이씨, 바보.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

New phone, new life~

University is going to start very very very soon! Less than two weeks!
I'm very excited, but I'm starting to become more scared. I don't know what to expect. However, I'm glad to be experiencing something new.
I only have a few things ready though. For example, I still need to buy a calculator, a printer, and various other things. The printer and calculator is more important.
I also have to go to the bank to get my banking information to pick up osap.
There's so much to do, and there's so little time. I even started to pack my clothes. My small suitecase and my tna bag doesn't hold all of my clothes! It's so sad!

I also got a new phone since where I am going is considered long distance. That is correct, the next city is considered long distance = = stupid.
But, I got a blackberry...without data plan. To have data, my plan would have been 5 dollars more, an the blackberry would be free. However, the cost will most likely change since it said valid for a year/12 months.
However, I don't know if I'm happy with my blackberry. My previous phone was the LG ice cream, which I loved. It could display GIF files, it was very cute and asian and pink!
However, now I feel like every other american girl with a blackberry and TNA sweater...
haha. Hopefully I remain the same person I am.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gmarket-Gift Certificates

This will be a post about cashing in your gift certificates. You may receive a gift certificate as a gift from a friend, or from gmarket via their promotions or being a monthly blogger.
So, the following will be pictures detailing on how you will cash in your gift certificate.

So, you will go to "my Gmarket" which will p0resent to you your gmarket account. From there you will see....:

You will see this. This show you how many gift certificates you have. I currently have 0, because I already cashed them in.

So, you will most likely see this page. on this page, you will want to click "check content" so it will reveal whats behind it. As you may notice, the stuff you want to get to is hazy.

Now click on "cash balance" NOT gift. If you do, you are gifting your gift certificate to someone else.

So here, it will list you all of your gift certificates. I blurred out the information since I didn't want personal information revealed (even if it doesn't reveal anything)

Now you press deposit to cash in the certificate, then press ok to confirm it. And then, you will have the gift certificate in your cash balance to be used. Happy shopping!
Now you can repeat this until all your certificates have been deposited. Now you can enjoy shopping!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey, so...I've entered some giveaways...again.

This is Forest-doll's first giveaway! It is so nice, and tasty. Did I say tasty? I'm referring to the happy teatime...although...not edible...unfortunately...There are a lot of cute stuff, that you'll actually use!
Click here to enter her giveaway. A deadline has yet to be determined.

This is Hello, Emy's giveaway. She's giving away lovelyyyy japanese items that I'm drooling for. I'm mostly lusting over the eyelashes, who doesn't love that adorable dollywink packaging. The bag will also come in handy!
Click here to enter her giveaway. The deadline has yet to be determined.

So, enter soon before a deadline is announced.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's been four years since I've been at my highschool(duh). I've met so many people, and I'm so happy that I went to this school. I was originally supposed to go to a different school, but I moved, and thus went to this school.
I used to be a major loner, ugly, shy girl in middle/elementary school.
I honestly...can't fathom how I've become like this, but it's all because of the people I met.
I see everyone saying how this school sucks, the school is so bad, but I appreciate it so much. the people, the really did make my experience a pleasant one. You guys all helped my blossom into what I am today. I can only bloom wider from now on because you guys are the one who gave me the confidence.

Thank you!

I only wish I could have taken a picture with everyone...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Curry, yum!

Today, my sister and I made some curry to eat.
It was so yummy! but, we kinda over ate..LOL

This was all of the ingredients. We added an instant curry block

And so, we cook the food.

We then split it up, so my sister makes a veggie one, and I make a meat one. 1.5 cup of water for each.

My sister's veggie one.

My meat one.

Then the curry block thing was added.

Sister's veggie curry with curry base.

My lovely meat one.

That is all there is to it. It is ready to be plated. Our original dinner was supposed to be salmon, so we tasted some of the curry.

My sister's veggie curry plated.

I think she put too much = =

My lovely curry!

Spoon is next to it showing it's size. We used small plates. So cute!

Ahh dinner was good. yum. Never felt this full in a long time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some giveaways to enter

Here's a change of posts.
I love reading these two blogs, and especially since they are from toronto.
I'm totally feeding on the Torontonian/Canadian pride right now.

So, let's get to the good stuff.

First up, is THISWASFOREVER'S giveaway.

This is her Dolly wink giveaway. It's so pretty! I've always wanted Dolly wink lashes, but I never had the money...and most stores are sold out = =;
You can click here to enter

Secondly, it's sparklyplayground's (Joyce) anniversary! congrats!

So much stuff to giveaway!! Is it sad to say I love the second place prize as much as first place?
And yes, she is giving two prize sets away. And they are both very generous, and you won't be disappointed regardless of which prize.
Please click here to enter

That is all. Everyone, good luck! (and I hope I win...I mean...let's be fair)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eeeekkkk gggaaaadddd

I feel like an android....I've been uhh 'studying' and I think it went well.
I had a chemistry exam today, and it went...very well. A little too's too suspicious. I didn't freak out, or stumble too much. I finished things right on time, with a little bit to spare to check like, 2-3 times. I finished multiple choice a little bit earlier than recommended time...
hmmm....either I'm really good, or I'm so cocky but did horrible. I hope it's the first option :s I'm supposed to be majoring in chem...LOL sad sad life.

So...I'm actually feeling sick right now. During my exam, I didn't have a tissue, so I was sniffling the whole time. It was horrible. I would just wipe my nose, and snot will cover my sleeve. Too much information? I think so. I don't even know why I started to feel so sick.
ugh, I hope I get better soon!