Saturday, June 26, 2010

Haul from the Mall [June 25th, 2010]

I went to the mall yesterday after exams! whew what a relief!
You know, I feel like I've become a shopaholic...
I might go to the mall again today.

so here's what i bought!
PS. Sorry for the blurry pics, my camera is out of batteries, so I had to use a cellphone camera.

1) Bath and body works:

I got some stuff from there! Things were on sale, and I had to get something :P
The body lotion is $4, and the soap is $3, and the hand sanitizer is $2. For a total of $9+13% tax.

2) One's:
This is basically an asian stationary store, which sells more than just stationary. asian walmart?
So, I bought a bento box and chopsticks...

3) H&M
I saw that they were having a sale online, and wanted to check it out.
There wasn't much on sale, but I still bought something. :P
A purple hello kitty shirt(from the kid's section ...hehe) $10 and a big white heart shirt $7.

4) Urban Planet
I love checking out urban planet because their stuff are really cheap. However, the one at Vaughan isn't as good as the one in fairview. >w<; but I still found something good! I should have used SPC....
:P next time I am! I got a pair of pink distressed skinny jeans for $15.

And that is all! It doesn't seem like much, but I felt like I bought so much!
I had to bus home, and it took an hour for us to get back because of traffic. I was STARVED!
Now on to more shopping? : P

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOOT! Guess what! -edit-

: DD I have exams today, so I'll edit this post with pics, and perhaps a video when I come back ^^
i'm very excited!!


Okay, so my camera's out of batteries!
So...I'm gonna have to take pictures and swatches tomorrow. :( sorry guys.
So, a review on Gmarket.

Although I had that mishap, it was all good.
I requested for it to be resent. It was sent on the 19th(korean time, so probably the 18th for me). Arrived today, so 3-4 days give or take since I dunno when it arrived in Canada(canada post isn't open sat+sun, so those aren't considered 'business' days).
Also, I looked at the customs decloration, and shipping was supposed to cost 52,800! but, I paid 39,000! YE!!

All in all, it's VERY GOOD! ^^


Hello again, and I've yet again, entered another giveaway.
These prizes are awesome.
- Imju mascara
- false eyelashes
- and white eyeliner


Aren't the eyelashes gorgeous?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ahahaha, I'm bored, and i'm procastinating.
I have exams next week. :( 1 every single day, except thurs!!
tomorrow, I have my english exam, and I hope I do well. My english mark isn't so pleasent(I will not state what my mark is, but it's a shame for an asian, but okay over all. yeah, that's right. Asian fail).

BTW! I've been growing my hair since....a year or 2 ago. Now it's past my bra strap!
>: ) it needs to be longer though, waist and longer!! CHEYA! one more year to go!
Then, after i feel satisfied, I'm gonna chop it all of for uni, and pretend to be a boy :3
lol....well, that's what I plan, but I know I'm gonna chicken out. :' ( cuse I'm gonna love long hair....
I'll post up pics of my hair growth through out the year

this post is so random...TT__TT;; i don't wanna study!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello, I'm sorry yet again, another giveaway post. :(
However, once you see the prizes, you'll understand.

First up is click
the contents are a lot of mac items! and they are hello kitty!! : D i never had a chance to go and get some hello kitty stuff from mac. :(
I love hello kitty, but it's so expensive. I live in Canada, so the prices are so much more pricey.
Congrats to her for getting 100+ followers. ^^

Next, is click
She has a box of false eyelashes as prizes. They are the ebay type ones, and you can choose which ever one you like. ^^ it's also open internationally.

Thank you to those bloggers who are offering giveaways!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

PmalI, small haul

-Edit- Oh, and I edited my blog layout thingy. I hope it looks prettier. It's just something I did on a whim.( in fact, I just clicked what I thought was pretty.)

So, today I went to pmall, and it didn't feel as eventful as usual.
I did stay up till 2 finishing an ISP, so that might have contributed to the reason why I didn't have as much fun as I usually do.
Anyways, I spent about $34-38. I honestly can't be sure. :s
I saw a shirt that was really cute! but, I didn't as for the price, and now i'm regretting it. I'm going back next week though. LOL

Anyways, on to what I bought(sorry for the crappy pics, I was studying for exams,and am now procrastinating :) );

1) First thing I bought, was bbt(bubble tea) LOL...I bought it up stairs cuse I had a coupon card for it, and I thought I might as well fill it up. Well, mistake, the 'fresh' mango juice, was not so fresh. ALSO, the tapioca tasted...SO BAD! It was good at first, until I got to the bad ones. They were so hard, gawd. I also bought curry fish balls downstairs near the JYC house store. Their fish balls are the best.

2) Next, I really wanted trucker hats, and I found a store. $5 EACH! DEAL! ahaha, at least at pmall it is. Plus, they were cute, and fitted my head well. A lot of them, I find wayy too big for my head. I got white and pink, I want to go back and get more. : P

The white one, taken at pmall with my cellcam. sorry :(

Pink one, taken with my camera.

3) don't laugh at this, but....some fake sushi. LOL it's a father's day gift ; )
why you may ask?'s a little embarrassing to say, but my dad owns a sushi restaurant. And he enjoys flourishing his restaurant with faux sushi...okay, not really. but, he does enjoy putting ornaments and the like up. So, I bought his sushi...:s it wasn't cheap either, but it's quite cute. packaging looks bad though

4) a little cellphone charm . It cost 3.99!! Cheap. and it's an adorable little rabbit(or not so little considering it's a cellphone charm). during the summer time, I usually go all out on decorating my phone, but during school, I don't. Usually, I won't have huge charms. They just get in the way. Especially since I'm not allowed phones in school. Now my little bear has a friend. (no, I am NOT INSANE!)

5) a pink planner. It's so cute!!! and it's 1.99!! Now, my schools usually give me planners, but they are so ugly! plus, I can use it for uni. Or, even use it for personal things. Actually...I'm not sure when I'll use it. However, 1.99 is pretty good for a planner. Especially the school agendas cost $5 D : and I can take that 5 and spend it on an actual beautiful asian planner.

6) My friend, she only had debit on her, so yeah. But, she bought jewelry(consisting of 1 earring, 1 ring, and 1 headband), 1 trucker hat(it said cherry on it, and I want it too : [ ), bbt, fishballs, planner, pencil case. I think that's it. OH btw, the reason we went was to get father's day gifts. That's right. Father's day gifts. What did she want to get her dad? some optical fiber plant thingys, or a sword, OR some waterfall thingy. > >;; I didn't even originally plan to go there to get a father's day gift either.

This is a note to self, so you can ignore this. :P

next time, I want to:
1. Buy some clothes
2. More cell charms
3. Look at cell
4. take puri kura
5. More hats
6. get some cute jewelry
7. get opal hair treatment thing
8. Get some false eyelashes
9. Get some glasses as accessories

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another giveaway from Chaigyaru!

:3 heyy guys!! Yes, it's another post about another giveaway...
._. I'm sorry for having so much post with giveaways!! I promise my next post won't be TT__TT;
but, you'll see why I've entered when you see the prizes ;)


Chaigyaru is giving away a FREE pair of circle lens of your choice, and 20 pairs of false eyelashes!!
It is open internationally(yay! that means me :3)!

What you have to do, it follow her blog, her twitter, and the circle lens seller's blog, and post a comment about what her new video should be about.

It's a great chance to get new stuff! it's worth a try ;).

The only hard part is choosing the styles!! hmmmmmm

Sunday, June 6, 2010


-Warning, just a rant post-

I've burned my gums...:( it's at the roof of my mouth, in the area where my from teeth are...
I mean, it's not horrible, but the bad thing is...i have retainers!! If there's just something off, my retainers will feel off. Right now, the area that's burned feels swollen, and large...
How did i get burned..? ^^;; well...I ate some hot food...ahahahhaha but it's so bothersome right now. I've even checked on a mirror, and holy it looks like I cut it up or something. :\
I normally wouldn't care so much, but swollen gums + retainers(the clear kind)=worst feeling ever. I feel like it's being squished and the feeling never goes away. If i were to remove my retainers, my teeth are gonna go bad again. :'(

*shoves retainer into mouth*

Blog giveaway~~

:) hey guys!! here's another giveaway contest~
It has 3 awesome prizes for 3 different people. She makes handmade swarovski jewlery, and they are so pretty! I normally don't like these things, but the bracelet for the 1st prize is so pretty!
Click to enter the contest!

Beautiful isn't it?

Pretty~ (can you believe she made these?)

So, what are you waiting for? :) enter.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review:NYC New York Color Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm [510A Sugar Kiss]

NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm In Sugar Kiss

This is just a quick, simple review on the NYC lip sliders. I've only got one shade, Sugar kiss. i wanted Sugar coated, but it was all gone. :(
Anyways, it's a simple review, and I'll go more in depth on a later review(when I can get my hands on Sugar coated >:D )
This lip balm is very wearable, with a few layers it gives a nice sheen to your lips. The more layers you build on, the more it appears. I love the light baby pink lips look, so it's a plus. I've only noticed it just now, but it has shimmers in it! I noticed shimmers on my lips, but I thought it was from the brush I was using.
I got it after reading reviews, and it doesn't disappoint. In addition, since it's a lip balm, and not a gloss(although it appears to be one) it's moisturizing!!
One thing I didn't like looks like mines was perspiring...:( it has like...droplets of water one it...
Overall, it's an excellent buy!! In addition, it was under $3(without tax)