Friday, January 21, 2011


Does anyone know what this is?

It's Ramune!! It's a japanese soda that contains a marble. It's a little gimmicky, but so cute.
I got this recently when my parents bought it for me. It cost around $2, so it was quite expensive for 200 mL of soda.

Opening it takes some skills. The marble is the device that keeps it closed. There is a poker thing that pushes the marble down to open.

So, when you open it, you get this green thing. Push the middle....

And pop! That's the thing you will put on the top.

So place it on top like so and...

Push down hard! Put constant pressure over it so the soda won't bubble over.

Look at all the bubbles. And that's the marble you get.

:) so enjoy your ramune. Now, the only thing we have to do it get that darn marble!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here's just a few pictures of my day.

I got this jacket for 16+tax. Quite good. Too cold to wear it now, but great in spring and fall.

This is what I was wearing underneath the jacket. Similar pricing to jacket, I bought it at full price. I normally never buy things at full price, but it was so pretty! Check out the back!

That's right! there's a bow! LOL I got pulled in by the bow. It also fit me quite nicely...:3 also my mom bought it for me. I blurred out my face because it is not a face of a lady. It is too horrifying to see. xD

Lastly, here's a photo

of my earring. Don't ask. I thought it looked cool that way. 8D I'm so bad ass. It's just one earring in one piercing. I gotta get my cartilage pierced, and I want to get an industrial. except, it's so expensive!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Homer's eatting my foot D:

This is what my cellphone looks like now. I removed my jems, and it's 10x lighter. :s
I find it really pretty just like this~~

I feel so cool. LOL oh man, this is me just rolled out of bed D:


The photo is blurry cuse i'm using my webcam. :(
However, I got these on sale for $11, and it's so cute. When I wiggle my toes, his head moves and he looks like he's chomping on my feet! LOL
It's also very warm~~~
Except, it's big. It's a 7/8, in MEN. That is huge!! I'm a 6.5 in women, heck, I can fit in children.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New giveaways

This is a giveaway with 2 prizes. You can get the "cute" edition, or the "beauty" edition.
They are both fairly nice.
Click Here to enter

LOOK AT THAT! There are 4 winners, and each winner will get 1/4 of that pile.
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Have fun entering these 2 giveaways.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New K-pop updates

I'm in LOVE with K-pop, and it has been a long and rocky road for us fans.
I'm still unsure about DBSK. The two of them still came out as DBSK, not as some branch off, but as DBSK. Which, I as a fan would love to see them all together to use DBSK. With just 2, it just isn't DBSK. However, this doesn't mean I will become am anti. I think I've just become neutral. I love love love DBSK, but with this drama, and DBSK being just 2 it's so hard. You may claim that I man not be a true DBSK fan, but I am fan of 5 DBSK. Like how 5-3=0. I still haven't grasped it yet. It's still shocking. I just...wished they never broke up. :( okay okay okay enought rambling~~ Here's DBSK new song, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!

I will always keep the faith of 5!

Please enjoy what the 2 have presented for DBSK.

Another obsession(and has grown) of mines is MBLAQ. I've known Joon wayy before MBLAQ, so it's like...fate, so I feel a connection *winkwinknudgenudge* I also love what MBLAQ is. They captured me when they first debuted, and joon kept me in. :)
Their MV cam out, and the song is called Cry. I with they did something more like Bang Bang or Running and Running (more dark) but this is really good too.