Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gmarket Haul #1

This is an overdue post that I was meaning to post, but didn't.
So, overall, it was a great experience. Despite the initial difficulties, like the shipping.
The shipping took 4 days, including weekends. Which, is very quick and well worth the money.
This haul was split between me and my friend, so this is just my stuff.

This is the box. It's taken with my cellphone cam cuse i didn't have a camera then.


Here's everything! <3

The Etude House Baby skin veiling pact, in #2. A fairly cute and okay powder. Obviously not heavy coverage, and mostly just a finishing powder.

Etude house BB Magic Balm. It is a medium-heavy coverage. It is quite light, so unless you are on the pale side, it won't match. I was lucky that i'm as pale as those koreans. xD the brush is also lovely.

Etude house Dear darling ultra shine lips in Strawberry milk. It is a very creamy, glossy lipstick, that seems to be like a gloss. It is not drying and a great colour on the lips.

Some freebies.

Etude house Hello kitty hand cream in #2, citrus. It has a weird clean lemon scent. Only reason I wanted this one was because it was pink. I think I'll get #1 walnut instead. Also, this is a very watery cream. be warned, my sister always squeezes too much.

Etude house hello kitty lipgloss keychain in #2 mini pink.
I really like this gloss, and it looks good alone too. It is a matteish colour, meaning no sparkles.

Etude house Luci darling Gradiant cheek blush. i forgot which colour but is is lovely. Pigmented enough so that it shows up, but not so much that you have to use a light hand. And it's buildable.

Etude house peach beam blush in #1. It is quite light and shimmery, but gives that healthy dewy look without making you look oily. Since one side is so light, it can be used as a highlighter. double win! I LOVE LOVE this blush.

comparing the sizes of the 2 blushes.

The nail polishes. They are really good! they stay on for so long without chipping. the only problem is it drys slowly, however it may just be the ones I have. mines are the creamy colours, and that may be a reason.

etude house Peach skin pact. A lovely smelling skin pact, like peaches. It is a little big and plastic, so it feels a little childish. However, i love it!

comparing the sizes of the 2 pacts.

Etude house stippling brush. It is okay, i've only used it for powder, haven't tried liquid foundation yet.

Face masks. Collagen, aloe and cucumber. It's a light weight face mask, so nothing much to it.

Pudding pens. i really like these pens, but they are just too small!

imitation mixstyle star headphones. I wanted a white star because it looked prettier, but I'm not complaining.

so, that is my haul~~~ I enjoyed shopping at gmarket, and can't wait for my next purchase!
And, i will post a review for the makeup products when I have time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some giveaways to enter

So, I've decided to enter more giveaways. :x

1) click

this is what's available.
open internationally, so everyone can enter! :)
I think the bag is gorgeous!

2) Click

This is the loot you can win!
wahakhakhakhak!! lots of facemask to try~~ <3 I love face masks! especially sheet mask because it's so easy.
Also open internationally(otherwise, I wouldn't be able to enter myself)

3) Click

some stuff you can win!
I don't know this brand, but it looks interesting! and cute.

I would tell you guys to enter, but that would lessen my chances of wining, so don't enter.
I'm kidding!! xDD ENTER AWAY! : ) I love sharing!


This is my outfit of the day. :)
I met up with a friend today, so I had to wear normal clothes. :( not my pj's...
>w<;; we met up to do a secret project we were working on!
If we feel comfortable enough, we might even post it up. : P

anyways, this is what I wore.

1) walmart shorts- Black with gray/white pinstrips.
2) H&M Halter top-Magenta with arrow decorations.


I'm so excited! waiting to download song right now!
i'm listening to it on youtube, and I love the songs!
but, then again, its the fangirl in me talking!
i like Lucifer and up & down so far. Those are the only songs I've listened to. XD still listening to most of them. I quickly called up a friend to tell her about it.
I couldn't control myself. :x

It's amazing~~~

Up & Down, a really good song. I love the beat of it.

Lucifer, the title track. It's pretty good.

click on that user, and you'll find all of the songs.
Happy listening guys!!
: ) cuse, I know I am!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm amazed and proud of where Jay is right now.
It's amazing. He was so brave to have made a youtube account and twitter just for his fans.
I mean, he still has antis(as unbelievable as it sounds, it's true), and to face those antis, and just say "whatever, it isn't for you, it's for my fans." is so brave of him.
I was just listening to jay's NEW album/song/mini album...and it just makes me smile.
I love Jay's perseverance threw these events, and how his former company and group members just threw him under the bus, but he still comes back strong.
Enough about the past, it's all about the future now.
and his future is very bright.


박재범씨, 화이팅!

The boy who engraved 2pm into his head.

Night it up! on saturday

A week ago, I went to night it up!
It was fun, but since it was my first time, I wasn't sure where to go. :(

My outfit of the day, or OOTD(well, not today)

FOTD (Face of the day)

EOTD(Eye of the day) It's a little smudged because it was taken after I got back.

In natural light.

Outside in my friend's backyard.

i think it looks pretty sitting here : )

Lol just some random shot we took

Power rangers FIGHT! xD

HMMM thinking very hard....

Drinking aloe drink. It was okay, cost 1.50. such a rip off.

My friend

Eating Green tea ice cream. Which was torture btw. Not because it tasted bad, but because I couldn't get to sleep that night. D :

My friend

In the car

I think that's enough photos....
lol most of them is of me, and not of the actual place.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Currently at starbucks!! : D

I haven't had time to blog because I had to work. :(
It's a tiring day! I pretty much work for the whole day, and never had time to myself.
I'll try to get my post for "night it up" and my gmarket haul up.
Btw, i will post up a review when I've tried the products long enough.

*excuse my ugly face. : (*

Here's a little preview for my next post. ; )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Once upon a night market~~

: ( I was supposed to go to the Toronto night market tonight, now dubbed "Night it up!"...which I think doesn't sound very...appealing nor asian.
Anyways, so, I was supposed to go today with a friend, but bailed because her mom won't let her.
I even got ready, makeup, clothes, packed my bag etc etc D :
now, I have no where to go all dolled up TT_TT;;
Oh well, I'll go tomorrow then. : D

So, here's some camwhore pics ;)

My outfit for the day~~ Went to waste TT__TT
-Purple hello kitty H&M shirt
-Pink overalls

My hair and makeup <3
- Etude house Magic BB balm
- Kiss me Heroine Eyeliner pen
- Maybelline lash stiletto
- false eyelashes
- etude house peach beam blush in #1
- taiwanese shimmer stick Now I bid you farewell until my next post ~~