Friday, May 18, 2012

Gmarket Haul #6

I've made quite a few hauls...SO...Here are some pictures. I was way too lazy to edit them.
This haul was made during the winter season.
The box it came in

Everything inside :D
First, the shorts.

Fake Pink Shorts

I intended to wear them to the gym


I got the Tomatox, and the lipgloss bars, and lip tints. Rest are free samples.
Etude house

I only got the O2 White kit, and sunscreen block. The free item was a cup.


Beautiful shoe, with red sole.

You can see the red.

Hanskin BB cream

One of my favourite BB creams. I had to stock up...LOL

From the company Tears. It's Kwon Sang woo's cosmetic company :D

My ultimate blush!! I love it SOSOSOS much!
Bra and Underwear set

So friggin cute! But I got the wrong size, and there's massive padding in this bra :x


I wanted to wear it to the gym.

The back.

Winter hat! It was intended as a gift..but yeah...I kept it xD
Yet again, an amazing order from gmarket. It took 2 weeks tops from submitting the order to arriving at my door. It took a little longer than usual because it was christmas time.

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