Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lunch at Song cook's

Today, my sister and I went to Song Cook's for lunch. It is a korean restaurant on yonge and steeles. The address is 72 steeles ave. its a surprisingly large resaurant, and the service was pretty nice. I loved the heated mats they have on the floor. To some people, it might be uncomfortable, however I am used to ditting crosslegged. 

My sister and I ordered the jjajangmyeon (짜장면) combos, so half jjajangmyeon, and half something else.
We got the jjampong (짬뽕) and mandu (만두). It cost $10 and $9.50 respectively.

This was the banchan provided. Some kimchi, pickled radish (delicious), chapchae noodles, and some seaweed. I loved the pickled radish, and kimchi was somewhat sour, but edible. The chapchae was alright, the standard stuff.

Here is everything! We both got a bowl of jjajangmyeon, and we shared the mandu and champong. 
The jjajangmyeon was alright, it was good but had so much sauce. Too much for me, but the sauce was very good when you got the pieces of meat. 
The mandu was crispy, and hard to get wrong. Its just the standard deepfried mandu. 
However, my favourite thing was the champong. It was absolutely phenomenal. I commented to my sister that it tasted like ramen soup base. It was spicy and flavourful, and ate it all despite being full. This soup came with rice, and contains chapjae noodles, with shrimp, squid, onions and other veggies. I just loved it and would buy this dish alone.
I will deffinetly return. 

We got there early too, so service was pretty good. In the end, we paid $25 for our lunch. A bit expensive for lunch, but i enjoyed it. One of the best korean food I had (dont get me started on owl or nak won)


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